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Nick Carter's

FULL NAME: Nicholas Gene Carter
NICKNAME: Frack, Chaos, but DON'T call him Nicky
DATE OF BIRTH: 28 January 1980
PLACE OF BIRTH: Jamestown, New York
STAR SIGN: Aquarius
SHOE SIZE: 11 or 12
HEIGHT: 6'1''
WEIGHT: 160 Pounds
FAVE ACTRESS: Christina Ricci, Sigourney Weaver, Helen Hunt
EYE CLOUR: Blue or sometimes greyish
HOBBIES: Scuba diving, Basketball, Nintendo, Drums
PHOBIAS: The dark, sharks, flying
BACKGROUND: Blackfoot Indian and some Spanish



FAMILY: Dad Bob, Mum Jane, Sisters Leslie(14), BJ(18), Angel(12), Ginger(27), Brother Aaron(12)
PETS: 5 dogs Pepper, Salty, Simba, Samson, Rocky, 7 cats Lucky, Bandit, Sugar, Blueboy, Muffy, Roxy, Sam, 2 iguanas Mariah Carey, Usher. His Scottish terrier BooBoo died in 1996 in an accident
BEST FRIEND: Brian Littrel
IDOL: Steve Perry (The Journey)
FAVE BSB SONG: Get Down, Quit Playing Games
FAVE JEWELERY: Anything gold
LIKES: Any video games, his Michael Jordan posters!
DISLIKES: Smoking, thai food, girls who always fix their makeup or are too concerned about their looks, people waking him up
IDEAL DATE: A moonlit walk on the beach with the perfect girl
FAVE SUPERMODEL: Cindy Crawford, Claudia Shiffer
WEARS: Briefs
IN 5 WORDS HE'S: Shy, cute, ambitious, nice, crazy
OTHER TALENTS: Drawing, drums
FAVE BAND: Journey,Nirvana, Boyz To Men
FAVE SONG: I Will Always Love You (The Cure)
FAVE ACTOR: Robert DeNiro, Bruce Willis
FAVE TV SHOW: Mad About You, Simpsons, Bevis & Butthead
IDEAL GIRL: Someone who's more beautiful on the inside than the outside. He used to prefer brunettes but now doesn't really care
SLEEPS IN: Underwear
FAVE CEREAL: Frosted Flakes
FAVE GUM: Purple "Big League Chew"
FAVE ICE CREAM: Mint chocolate chip
FAVE CARS: Camaro and Corvette Stingray
FIRST BREAKTHROUGH: In a Edward Scissorhands movie
FAVE SAYING: "It's all good!"
STATUS: On-off girlf Mandy

*Nick Carter joined the Backstreet Boys when he was just 12 years old
*He appeared in several commercials for the Money Store and the Lottery when he was about 10 years old
*He starred in a children’s TV series called "Club Kids"
*He was born in the same hospital as Lucille Ball from "I Love Lucy"
*His nickname as a kid was "Charlie Brown" because of his chubby cheeks!
*His family owned a Cadilliac Brown
*The band once threw Nick out of a dressing room with only a pair of pants on-right in front of a group of screaming fans
*His best friend as a kid was a boy named Brent
*His dad is an only child
*His father and grandfather both owned a lounge in New York called the "Yankee Rebel"
*His first school was Miles Elementary but he also attended Orange Grove
*Cloudy skies and rainy days make him sad!
*He is the laziest BSB and enjoys sleeping more than any of the others
*When he's at home, he plays Ninja Turtles with Aaron
*He wanted to put his hair in tiny braids for the filming of the American video of "I’ll Never Break Your Heart"
*He wasn't popular with girls at school
*He plans on publishing an Official Backstreet Boys comic book series
*The most romantic present he has ever recieved is a shirt of the Chicago Bulls (American basketball team)!
*If he was reincarnated, he'd be a shark
*He worked with a full time tutor from junior high on
*He received his high school diploma in a hotel room
*He's a very messy eater and is always getting food all over the place!
*He once dreamed of playing college basketball
*There is an eight-foot-high fence surrounding the Carter house and property
*He escapes by spending time aboard his boat
*He would love to star in an action movie like "Mortal Combat"
*His mum says he is very good at doing his chores
*He would like to someday direct and produce a movie
*He is a licensed scuba diver
*His fans once started ripping out grass on his front lawn
*He once suffered from heat exhaustion on stage
*He says he's shy around girls
*During a press conference at New York’s All Star Cafe, Nick gave a shout out to his Mum
*He thinks a good heart is more important in a girl than looks
*He’s considered the practical joker of the group
*He broke his right arm when he fell off his bike a long time ago
*He's really proud of Aaron
*Girls at his primary schools used to give him letters that said "I Love You" on them - none of them could read or write!
*His room at home looks like an old ‘60’s room
*He bought a house for himself and his family
*He says the naughtiest thing he's ever done was fill a school bin with water so when the teacher threw something in it, it splashed everywhere!
*He bought his dad two new boats
*His New Years Resolution was to not eat as much(!)
*He likes girls with tattoos (this is not a sign for Nick-obsessed fans to go out and get one though)
*He always takes his Play Station with him on tour
*When he's feeling down, he talks to Brian
*His idea of paradise consists of beaches, water, sunshine, sand, and trees (this is not a sign for Nick-obsessed fans to go out and buy beaches, water, sunshine, sand and trees though)
*His first kiss was with a girl called Bryn when he was 8, they were starring in a play together
*Once he accidentally pushed Howie off the stage while they were performing!
*He has never been in love... yet
*When he was 2, he used to dance at discos in his father's restaurant!
*He sings background vocals on the song "Please Don’t Go Girl" on Aaron’s album
*He doesn’t like dancing in night clubs
*He’s obsessed with toys and comic books (this is not a sign for.... k i'll stop now...)
*He was a featured vocalist for the Tampa Bay Bccaneers’ halftime during 1991 and 1992
*He said that he would date a fan
*His dream date would be on the beach with the stars out and a full moon
*In concert he sometimes likes to sing the song "Open Arms" by Journey
*The first time he played Nintendo was with his best mate Brent, and it got him hooked
*The most romantic thing he's ever done is take girl to Burger King!
*He has 3 tattoos

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